Satisfying Homeowners

Our Process

Wondering what the process looks like from the initial phone call with us to the completion of your project? If you haven’t, book your free inspection with our team, and we’ll show you how we’re the clear choice for your roofing & construction needs.

Initial Contact

Whether you call us directly or submit our free inspection request form. We'll have a quick initial conversation discussing your home needs and schedule a time for the free in-person inspection.

Home Inspection

Our home specialist will conduct a thorough inspection of your home at the time scheduled with the homeowner.

Next Steps

We'll gather our findings from the inspection and discuss any needed next steps for the homeowners specific needs. We give recommendations for what the homeowner can do to fix any issues and best protect their home moving forward.

Decision Made

After the homeowner reviews our specialist findings and proposal, the homeowner decides whether to move forward. Our team is highly skilled and seeks to redeem the industry with quality and satisfaction.

Color Preferences

Working alongside our specialist, the homeowner decides on color preferences for their new roof and/or other exterior needs. (see shingle colors)

Date Confirmed

We'll confirm the install date best works with the homeowner's schedule, and we will then give service that will surely satisfy the homeowner's desire for excellence.

Work Begins

Your project is now near completion. Roofs and gutters typically take one day, painting a week on average. In the end you'll be highly satisfied with the work rendered by our team.


Once work is completed, a walk-through will be conducted, and any final adjustments made. By now, the project is complete, and the homeowner should be fully satisfied with the service Firebrand has rendered on the home.

Leave Feedback

A vast majority of our business is referrals and ongoing relationships with homeowners. We ask for your honest feedback and a review is requested so that other homeowners can hear about your experience with us and receive the same wonderful experience.

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